Application Penetration Testing (WebApp and Mobile App)

Be it developing an application or adding new features to an existing app, security is generally not the highest priority for the development teams. We help software development teams focus on creation/innovation by solving their security challenges through identifying the vulnerabilities.

What is application penetration testing?

Applications define who you are or what your business is. You surely do not want it to be faulty and with security misconfigurations. Tsaaro identifies exploitable vulnerabilities in your web and mobile applications, by detecting the vulnerabilities  by our highly skilled experts with rich experience in the domain of  VAPT.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We help determine your application’s security posture by employing the same tactics real-world attackers would use. We thoroughly examine all aspects of modern applications, including back-end APIs to helps you understand where you are vulnerable to external attacks.


Gap analysis

Identify and Prioritize Risks

Prevent Hackers from Infiltrating Systems

Continuing to mature the security posture within your organization’s environment is a great way to maintain a competitive advantage against other organizations in your industry.

Avoid Costly Data Breaches and Loss of Business Operability.

Establish trust with your clients.

Why Us?

Tsaaro’s methodology goes beyond automated tools and processes in identifying security vulnerabilities. We follow the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) testing guidelines to identify configuration flaws, session management issues, application authentication mechanisms, business and application logic assumptions, and input validation issues. We have skilled and experienced testers who develop comprehensive reports for your products in an illustrative manner so you can easily understand them and can take effective measures.