CIS Controls

The threat landscape advances and widens at the same rate as technology. CIS controls offer a practical approach to the reduction of the attack surface, lays down guidelines on vital elements to foster compliance to best cybersecurity practices

What are CIS Controls?

Securing your organisation's IT systems and data from cyber hazards

The controls of the CIS Center of Internet Security are a prescriptive set of best practises for securing IT systems and data from the most hazardous cyber threats. The CIS Critical Security Controls are a prioritised set of cybersecurity measures that combine to produce a defence-in-depth collection of specific and practical best practices for mitigating the most prevalent cyber assaults. The CIS Controls have the primary advantage of prioritising and focusing on a small number of actions that significantly reduce cybersecurity risk. The Center for Internet Security manages the CIS Controls, they are established by a community of experts who use their professional experience as CISOs and security to create universally acknowledged security best practices.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Point based approach to inculcate security best practices in your organisation.

Our defensive approach of CIS controls is based on three key points: Hardening the device setup to reduce the attack surface; Identifying susceptible devices in order to detect long-term risks in an organization’s network together with categorisation and evaluation of the attackers, according to which we develop your organisation’s response and defense mechanism .


Supplying information about the organisation’s definite process and architecture

Manages compliance with multiple regulations and legal requirements

Promotes productivity, saves on time and money, remedies misconfigurations

Significantly enhances security.

Why Us?

Risk-based approach that caters to your IT landscape

We, at Tsaaro helps your organisation develop a risk-based approach to cyber-security which shall help it deliver reliable, scalable services, and constant security across its IT infrastructure.