CISO as a Service

CISO expands into Chief Information Security Officer, this person is accountable for a company’s data and information security.

What is CISO as a service?

One stop solution for all your cybersecurity needs

The responsibilities of a CISO include that of the seamless and effective running of business within the security parameters. It also includes the minimisation of risks pertaining to cyber attacks, and threats, helping the efficient running of systems without any disturbance to the daily running of business. Among their daily responsibilities, the Chief Information Security Officer is expected to identify threats, implement countermeasures, and further translate these issues into a language that can be understood by other members of staff, particularly senior employees.Other important aspects of the role include:Cyber intelligence; Data loss and fraud prevention;Governance of the systems; Investigations and analysis;Managing security operations; Programme management and Security architecture. Third parties are now providing CISO as a service, by allowing businesses to concentrate on their daily operations while experts handle security. When providers offer CISO as a service, they are essentially promising to take responsibility for securing assets, understanding potential threats, together with implementing the best security measures for their clients’ businesses.A significant amount of effort coupled with flexibility is put in to find the most suited, cost effective solution for every organisation.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Platform approach to your cybersecurity woes

At Tsaaro we adopt a platform approach as opposed to the one that looks at multiple point solutions. We have appropriate and adequate monitoring tools to enable complete visibility of the endpoints and other data collection devices within an organisation. The CISO is equipped with state of the art AI tools to catch hold of the potential threats as well as the business, identity and cybersecurity risks. The aforementioned approach grants adequate insight and action for the present-day risks in the cybersecurity domain.


Having a designated person for infosec guidance, an expert for the unbiased review of security measures, risks and compliance issues.

Collaborating with vendors, auditors, all third parties on their security measures and that of the company as well.

Overseeing daily activities concerning security, compliance management.

Developing security policies and procedures for your organisation.

Maintaining the security budget, security testing, identification of security incidents and reporting them.

Setting out a security roadmap, monitoring threats and mitigating them.

Establishing a cybersecurity roadmap and a cyber disaster recovery plan.

Understand how an attacker could gain access to your internal networks and applications

Why Us?

We make you reach your cyber security goals and keep your organisation’s security posture upright.

Tsaaro realises that it’s not just one aspect of data that needs attention but also takes into consideration everything, from data encryption to its storage, as well as the aspect of data access. Keeping the above factors in mind, the CISO team concentrates on reducing the risk surface to make your organisation’s security posture upright, strong, and outstanding.