Cyber strategy and Governance

Cyber Strategy and governance takes care of the identification of accountable members of an organisation, and defines their responsibilities for the mitigation of cyber threats an organisation is faced with.

What is Cyber strategy and Governance ?

Defining and administering cybersecurity controls in your organisation

This process helps in defining and directing the controls pertaining to cybersecurity in an organisation. The governance part of it concerns itself with identifying an accountability framework together with the inculcation of adequate checks and balances to ensure the proper mitigation of risks.

With the sharing of an unsurmountable amount of data and the sheer dependency on networked technologies, a strategic approach to cybersecurity is more important than ever. This particular dimension concentrates more on the legal aspects than technological thus highlighting the pressing need of having a CISO alongside other members of the C-suite in every organisation, for the latter to understand the legal implications that may arise out of the cyber risks, and most importantly, how to mitigate them.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Building policies for your organisation to administer and ascertain cybersec controls.

Our legal team focuses on drafting policies that are easy to understand and interpret. We realise the complexities of this domain and are clear with our concepts of the governance and cybersecurity intersection. Our approach is to put our team’s legal acumen and knowledge of cyber security to good use by drafting policies especially tailored to your organisation’s need.


Minimise privacy risk with Vendor Risk Assessment.

Maintains cyber hygiene

Stepping stone for attaining cyber maturity.

Decides accountability by ascertaining responsibilities.

Formulates policies and processes to enable the smooth functioning of the cybersecurity domain in the organisation.

Why Us?

We ensure the recognition, analysation and assessment of risks and your cybersecurity landscape requirements.

Tsaaro understands the dependency of the smooth running of a business on engaging with third parties, and also the undeniable risk of exploitation and misuse of operational, confidential data that comes with such engagement. Our commitment to the cybersecurity domain coupled with seasoned experts will provide you with the recognition, analysation, and assessment of risks and finally enable you to gauge the efficacy of the risk assessment threshold regarding the quality and reliability of your data.