Product Assessment

Incorporate Privacy by design and privacy by default in your product

What is Product Assessment ?

Let's make privacy an integral part of your product.

Products, such as websites, apps, server etc., collects variety of personal and sensitive personal data of the visitors for various purposes. Such products are subject to the data protection regulations like GDPR, CCPA, or HIPPA etc. These regulations mandates privacy by design and privacy by default in the products. Unlike other regulatory requirements, privacy needs to be incorporated in a product at a very nascent stage, while designing it. Product Assessment is a process wherein we help you assess your product and guide you in complying with the data protection regulatory requirements.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Product Assessment brings you a step closer to privacy compliance.

In Product Assessment, we analyse the scope of the product, personally identifiable information (PII) collected by it, purpose for collection or retention of data and security of the data. Further, we conduct a gap analysis which helps in understanding the additional requirements for the product to be fully compliant with the regulatory norms.


Stay compliant and avoid regulatory hiccups.

Product Assessment can work as a guiding document to achieve privacy by design and privacy by default in a product. Nowadays, browsers and app stores have started examining data protection and privacy practices of the products. Inculcating data protection principles and strategies in the product will boost the consumer trust and so the reputation of the product. Moreover, it will protect the product against legal soups.

Why Us?

At Tssaro, our teams of experts working on multiple fronts including Vulnerability Assessment, Information Security and Law. With this Tsaaro provides you with holistic assessment of your product and best possible solutions to mitigate, minimise and monitor the privacy risks in your products.