Red Team

What is Red Team Assessment?​

  • Penetration Testing is a must-have for any organization to evaluate the environment which is mainly limited to a specific scope, generally web, mobile, or network.
  • However, A red team assessment is a goal-based adversarial activity that requires a big-picture, holistic view of the organization from the perspective of an adversary.
  • The purpose of conducting a red teaming assessment is to demonstrate how real-world attackers can combine seemingly unrelated exploits to achieve their goals.

Our Approach

  • Our Ream team is dynamically customized as per the client’s needs. However, The general approach is composed of the followed phases:
  • Information gathering
  • Finding flaws in processes.
  • Exploitation and gaining access.
  • Documentations of findings
  • Recommendations


Gap analysis

  •  Our team will collaborate with your blue team to identify opportunities for improvement for the organization’s detection and response capabilities. ​
  • Findings from the engagement and opportunities to improve blue team operations will be compiled into a formal report that details the demonstrated threats and vulnerabilities. ​
  • We’ll provides specific recommendations for countermeasures to eliminate or mitigate risks.​

Why Us?

Here at Tsaaro each test is unique, our approach is tailored to meet business objectives specific to your company and provide strategic recommendations accordingly. We are regular presenters, our skilled and experienced team of experts provides you with the exact details and pinpointed approach to solve your organisation’s cybersecurity issues. We ensure assessments are effectively executed within limited engagement windows by prioritizing testing of critical areas.