Automating Data Discovery and Inventory For Privacy Compliance

The future of Privacy Compliance is here: Learn How to Automate Data Discovery and Inventory for Privacy Compliance .


21st June, 2023

Duration 1 Hrs

3:00PM- 3:45 PM GST
2:00PM- 2:45 PM KSA
4:30PM- 5:15 PM IST

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About the Event

Are you struggling to keep updated with Privacy Compliance regulations?

If yes, then here is a solution.

We at Tsaaro conducting a webinar on “Automating Data Discovery and Inventory for Privacy Compliance”.
Automated Data Discovery and Data inventory are critical components of privacy compliance. Data discovery involves identifying and locating all sensitive data within an organization, including personal information about employees, customers, and partners. Data inventory, on the other hand, involves maintaining an up-to-date record of all sensitive data, its location, and how it is being used.
To know more about the implementation process of Automating data discovery and inventory for privacy compliance. You must not miss out on this webinar

Reasons To Attend

To learn the latest privacy regulations and it’s impact on your business.

To understand the risks of non-compliance and how to avoid them.

To learn best practices for automating data discovery and inventory.

To stand out in competitive market by staying compliant with latest data privacy regulations.

To network and connect with privacy professionals.

To gain insights from industry experts and real world use cases.

Takeaway From this Event

Comprehensive understanding of Automated Data Discovery and Inventory for privacy compliance.

Real-World Cases of How Automated Data Discovery and Inventory Has Helped Organizations.

How to Choose the Right Automated Data Discovery and Inventory Solution for Your Organization

Benefits of Automated Data Discovery and Inventory.

Organization challenges and how to overcome them

Best Practices for Implementing Automated Data Discovery and Inventory.

Stay Compliant, Stay Safe.