OneTrust helps connecting teams, data, and processes across privacy, GRC, ethics, and ESG management via products such as Third-Party Risk Management, Security Incident Management, Ethics Policy Management, Supplier Due Diligence, PIA, DPIA, Data Mapping and Privacy Rights Automation amongst others

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DPDP Act (India) 

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Major Services offered by OneTrust

One Trust connects data, teams, and processes for seamless collaboration so you can turn trust from an abstract concept into your competitive advantage

Data Discovery

One Trust offers data discovery services to help organizations achieve data privacy and compliance. Our team can help identify, locate, and classify personal, sensitive, and other data across all business systems. With our data discovery services, organizations can effectively protect sensitive data and comply with regulations.

Consent Management

One Trust's consent management services provide a single, end-user-facing portal for data subjects to control their data. Our platform ensures compliance with privacy regulations and allows organizations to manage consent across various channels and use cases.

Data Privacy Impact Assessment

One Trust's data privacy impact assessment services automate and streamline privacy impact assessments with customizable content, workflows, and integrations. By leveraging One Trust’s expertise in data privacy impact assessments, organizations can enhance their privacy program by ensuring "privacy by design" becomes an ingrained practice within organizations and avoiding costly fines for non-compliance.

Third-Party Risk Management

One Trust's third-party risk management services streamline the entire third-party lifecycle, from onboarding to off-boarding. Our platform automates workflows for vendor risk mitigation, reporting, and assessments, ensuring efficient management of vendor relationships and risk mitigation.

Security Incident Management

One Trust's security incident management services enable stakeholders to self-report events through system integrations, web forms, and guided assessments. Our platform helps organizations identify required actions in the event of a breach and link them to risk records to track a broader scope of incidents over time.

Privacy Rights Automation

One Trust's privacy rights automation services automate the entire Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) process, from request intake to secure response. By leveraging our expertise and tools, organizations can enhance their overall privacy program and build trust with their customers by providing secure and timely responses to DSAR requests.

Drive Automation & Gain Visibility

Regulatory Compliance like GDPR, HIPPA, CCPA

Promote Responsible Data Use

Scale your Privacy Programs

How Tsaaro can help?

OneTrust Certified Professionals to assist with configuration of business workflows

Collaborate with internal stakeholders

Incorporate the solution into your existing applications

Put the platform to the test with your internal teams

Trust as a service:

Trust as a service is a term coined by Fred Mcclimans, an analyst with HFS firm. According to him, security is viewed only from a technological perspective. Rather, it must be about creating trusted assets that can be leveraged in the bank market: depositing money in banks because banks are trusted to return your money. In the same way, trust as a service includes the management of assets, trusting someone that they will provide assistance and guidance using their expertise during any situation which demands regulatory compliance and the entities which provide such services are known as Trust Service providers (TSP). One trust is a trust service provider which assists your business entity irrespective of the size of the business with proper guidance to comply with privacy and data governance compliance requirements Tsaaro, as a well-trusted leader in privacy compliance, will assist your business in your privacy and data protection compliance journey by providing Onetrust services.

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