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Privacy Program Development

Take the first step towards privacy readiness with developing a privacy program for your organisation.

What is Privacy Program Development ?

Build a culture of privacy and gain the trust of your consumers.

In recent years, privacy has emerged as a game changer for the brand name of the businesses and its future. Maintaining privacy and protecting personal data of the consumers and the employees is not only necessary for regulatory requirements but it is essential for consumer trust and the reputation of the company. Privacy Program Development is a process through which an organisation can lay foundation of privacy in business processes. Privacy Program Development involves the scanning through the ongoing processing of personal data in the business processes and how the information security and data protection principles can be best inculcated in the processes of the company.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We tailor a personalised privacy compliance program for your organisation

We will chart out a privacy which will include mapping of the data, establishing relevant data protection strategies and policies (internal and external), implementation of data privacy and security requirements in accordance with your budget and mechanism for documentation and monitoring of the business processes. Through this, we will ensure that our customers have privacy by design and privacy by default in their business processes.


One-time investment, life long returns.

Privacy Program Development can provide several benefits to an organisation including transparency and accountability in the data flows. With the privacy at the center of all the business processes, you will create a relation of trust with your customers as well as the investors. Moreover, implementation of an efficient privacy program can open new avenues for your organisation as complying with regulations like GDPR, as it is a legal requirement for B2B business where personal data is exchanged.

Why Us?

We will ensure a personlised and cost efficient privacy compliance solutions for you.

Tsaaro has team of professionals experienced in the developmement and implementation of privacy program in varied business environments. Our team has lawyers who ensures the correct application of the law as well as we have information security experts, that analyse best information security solutions which are suitable for your organisation, cost efficient, resilient and are in accordance with the legal requirements.