The Divebell platform works seamlessly to solve security, privacy and compliance challenges. It radically simplifies compliance and protects your data by eliminating human error and giving you a real-time, accurate, and actionable view of data 24/7.

Global Regulatory Compliance


CCPA (California)


CCPA (California)

VCDPA (Virginia,


DPDP Act (India) 

VCDPA (Virginia, USA)

DPDP Act (India) 

Services offered by Divebell

Divebell aids organizations in demonstrating their commitment to safety and privacy through the different services offered by them.

Data Discovery

Divebell facilitates classification, access management and mapping of data according to its type, sensitivity, and business value using sophisticated techniques. It provides you with complete view of your organization's data landscape, enabling identification of potential risks, and regulatory compliance.

Risk Assessment:

Divebell assists organization in creating an accurate data inventory to report privacy posture to stakeholders and partners while also keeping the internal teams aware of data privacy. Further, it enables visualization of data flows across the organization and creates a data map that helps you understand how data moves through different systems.

DSR Fulfillment:

Divebell assists in monitoring week-over-week changes or audit important past events. Gain insights into your organization's risk profile with Divebell's risk assessment tools and identify areas for improvement to ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Data Retention:

With Divebell's fully customizable workflow, you can fulfill your data subject request obligations efficiently. Manage and automate data subject requests, ensuring that you respond to requests in a timely and compliant manner.

Data Retention

Divebell allows you to identify data that needs to be deleted and implement data retention strategies by taking action or setting controls. Create retention policies that align with regulations and industry best practices, and automate the retention and deletion of data to minimize the risk of data breaches.

Risk Sonar

With Divebell, you can protect your data at the pace of the modern cloud by setting policies that automatically protect the most important assets and empower every data owner to be part of the solution. The platform provides a clear view of compliance and security risks through a prioritized and actionable heat-map, enabling organizations to take timely actions and ensure compliance.

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