PDPA Singapore

The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) is a Singaporean law that governs the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data by organizations. The law aims to protect individuals’ personal data while also promoting the growth of Singapore’s digital economy. 

What Is PDPA?

The PDPA is a Singaporean law that creates a data security framework for organisations’ collection, use, and disclosure of personal data. Organizations are required by law to acquire individuals’ consent before collecting, using, or disclosing their personal data, and to ensure that the personal data is accurate and secure.   

Individuals have certain rights over their personal data under the PDPA, including the right to view and correct their data, as well as the right to withdraw their consent for the collection, use, or disclosure of their data. 

Why Does Your Organization Need to Be PDPA Compliant?

Compliance with the PDPA is required for organisations in Singapore to protect individuals’ personal data and keep their trust. Failure to adhere with PDPA can result in severe penalties and fines, as well as reputational harm to your organisation.  

For each violation of the PDPA, fines of up to SGD 1 million or 10% of an organisation’s yearly turnover, whichever is greater, are imposed. 

How Does PDPA Impact You and Your Organization?

PDPA requires organizations to comply with several regulations, including:

  1. Consent Obligation: This obligation requires organizations to obtain individuals’ consent before collecting, using, or disclosing their personal data.
  2. Data Breach Notification: Organizations must notify the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC) of any data breaches within 72 hours of becoming aware of the breach
  3. Data Transfer Requirements: Organizations must ensure that the transfer of personal data outside Singapore is done in accordance with PDPA requirements.
  4. Access and Correction Obligation: This obligation gives individuals the right to access and correct their personal data held by organizations.
  5. Protection Obligation: This obligation requires organizations to implement technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, disclosure, or theft.

Our Approach

Our approach is founded upon a bedrock of unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge technology. Our team of certified PDPA specialists conducts a comprehensive assessment to identify intricate areas of non-compliance and develop a tailored compliance plan that precisely meets your unique business needs.

Conduct In-depth Assessment:

Our team of certified Privacy Experts will conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine your organisation’s level of Privacy compliance. We will identify gaps and provide recommendations to strengthen your approach to data protection and privacy. 

Develop Customized Strategy:

We understand that every business is unique, so we create a PDPA compliance strategy tailored to your specific needs. Our team will work with you to identify areas that require attention and develop a comprehensive compliance plan. 

Provide Implementation Support:

Our team provides hands-on support and guidance throughout the implementation process. We help you streamline your processes and ensure your PDPA compliance plan is executed effectively. 

Offer Training Programs:

We offer training programs that provide your employees with an understanding of PDPA compliance requirements. Our programs are tailored to your organisation and help ensure your staff are equipped with the knowledge needed to remain compliant. 

Monitor Compliance:

We offer continuous monitoring of your PDPA compliance plan to ensure adherence to requirements. Our team will identify any areas of non-compliance and provide recommendations for remediation.

Automated Compliance Solutions:

Our PDPA compliance service is empowered by cutting-edge automation tools like OneTrust, BigId, Exterro, and DiveBell. These tools are industry leaders in providing efficient solutions to compliance challenges. We provide implementation support that ensures your team has a comprehensive understanding of these tools to fully utilise their capabilities.

Why Us?

Leading Industry Experts.

Diverse International Clientele.

Integrated Legal & Cybersecurity Expertise

Trusted by Large Corporation.

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How Can Tsaaro Help You with PDPA Compliance?

Tsaaro can help your organization with PDPA compliance by:

  1. Conducting a PDPA compliance audit and gap analysis to identify areas of non-compliance.
  2. Developing and implementing policies and procedures to address PDPA requirements.
  3. Providing staff training on privacy and security practices.
  4. Implementing technical safeguards, such as access controls and data encryption, to protect personal data.
  5. Conducting regular audits and assessments to ensure ongoing compliance with PDPA regulations.

We help you to grow your business faster & easier.