Cyber Strategy and Governance

Cyber strategy and governance deal with identifying accountable people of an organization and defining their roles for the mitigation of cyber dangers an organization faces. This procedure aids in developing and guiding the cybersecurity controls inside an organization. The governance aspect of It focuses on developing a structure for responsibility and establishing sufficient checks and balances to guarantee effective risk minimization.

Cyber Strategy and Governance?

Cyber Strategy and Governance is referred to as the part of the corporate governance that handles the firm’s reliance on cyberspace in the face of enemies. Cyber Strategy and Governance is therefore included in cyber security governance, whether they may be distinguished from information security governance relies on how the organization defines information security. While daily management tasks are part of governance, its outlook is essentially strategic. The business risk management strategies of the organization heavily depend on the mission assurance strategy, which fully integrates its cyber security strategy.
How soon are you able to react to an event when you face a cyber-attack? Without a solid plan in place, a cyber-attack might bankrupt your company. You won’t be able to conduct business if you are unable to access your own networks. Customers won’t do business with you if they can’t access your systems.

Benefits of cyber strategy and governance

It is crucial to implement proper cyber strategies to not only safeguard your company but also to enable breach identification and prompt containment.

A solid cyber security strategy ought to be in line with the goals, vision, and innovation projects of the company.

Risk may be turned into a competitive advantage if it is applied correctly, improving brand reputation, operations, regulatory compliance, customer experience, investor confidence, and more.

How can Tsaaro Consulting assist you:

The primary goal of Tsaaro Consulting’s legal team is to make things simple to understand. We understand the complexity of this field and have strong ideas about how governance and cybersecurity are related. By creating rules that are especially suited to the requirements of your organization, we aim to make the most use of the legal and cyber security expertise on our team.

Tsaaro Consulting is aware of the necessity of working with third parties for a company to function effectively as well as the inescapable danger of theft and exploitation of operational, sensitive data that goes along with such involvement. Our dedication to the cybersecurity field, together with the expertise of seasoned professionals will help you identify, analyze and assess risks so that you may ultimately determine if the risk assessment threshold is effective in determining the caliber and dependability of your data.

What we do

We help our clients at the intersection of security, risk and technology:

Cyber Security

Information and IT security across all disciplines is our focus — making CISOs digital business enablers through sustainable and effective governance. We help our clients all the way from security design, ISMS architecture to effective execution — with analysis and guidance.

Critical Infrastructures

Consulting and analysis for critical infrastructures and NIS since 2013 — we help operators and utilities be prepared for NIS audits and security compliance requirements. This is guided by our work on CI and NIS policies for state, federal and EU governments.


BCM and IT-SCM processes help clients identify and mitigate risks to the availability of critical business processes and IT. We led continuity management implementations from zero hour to being integral parts of organizational risk management and cyber security.


We are passionate auditors and love to use that experience to help our clients fare better in audits — on both sides of the table. Versed from hundreds of audits, we coach clients to be better auditors and prepare auditees with audit management and audit defense.


Advisory for developing line units and project organizations founded in sensible governance. We built and successfully led distributed teams and coached managers on their journey. We shared our path with wonderful project teams through challenges big and small.

Digital Business

Technology and digital consulting on all OSI layers. We are experts in the architecture, engineering and securing of Internet and networking technologies — from global IPv6 backbones and ISP use cases to software-defined networks in the enterprise.

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