Skyflow aims to ensure that every app, system, and workflow can provide best-of-breed data privacy by delivering Data Privacy Vaults via simple and elegant API’s. 

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CCPA (California)


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Services offered by Skyflow

SkyFlow provides organizations with a radically simple approach to protecting, storing, and managing the sensitive customer information that’s critical to their businesses

Data Privacy Vault

Skyflow's zero-trust data privacy vault service ensures that sensitive data in the healthcare and fintech fields is protected through end-to-end encryption. This service allows for safe data exchange, storage and retrieval, while mitigating the risk of breaches and unauthorised access.


Skyflow helps organizations achieve and speed up compliance with various regulations such as PCI, SOC 2, GDPR, CPRA, CCPA, and HIPAA. It provides access to pre-built customizable compliance templates along with a compliance dashboard that tracks the compliance status and provides detailed reports.


Skyflow builds a zero-trust architecture vault into your systems which provides exceptional security by focusing on authentication and authorization. It offers a secure access gateway and granular access control that enables access to sensitive data only after proper authentication and authorization.

Data Residency

Skyflow hosts your vault at any location in the world while collecting and managing sensitive data. It also offers data residency reports that help organizations track data residency compliance, reduce the risk of data breaches, and maintain the trust of their customers and partners.

Usable & Secure Data

Governance & Access Cotrol

Accelerate Compliance with regulations like GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA

Secure Data Sharing

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