Regulatory Assessment (Gap Assessment)

Regulatory Assessment is a core regulatory management tool. It helps to base decisions whether to adopt or change laws and regulations on facts and evidence. RIA is about taking into considerations all alternative solutions, which sometimes may include non-regulatory ones. 

Regulatory Assessment

What is a Regulatory Assessment?

Organizations must often balance multiple privacy laws — catering to customers in different regions, or to corporate offices spread throughout various jurisdictions foreign and domestic. Breaking down the components of each law and ensuring that an organization has the proper processes in place to meet each requirement is a time-consuming and costly process. 

This process can be simplified by conduction Regulatory Assessment to identify gaps between the requirements of a law and the processes and controls currently in place within your organization.

What is a Regulatory Assessment?
Regulatory Assessment

Does your business need Regulatory Assessment?

If you are a business owner and process data and present in multiple areas, it can be daunting to comply with Privacy Laws all over. Our Regulatory Assessment helps to identify potential gaps in regulatory compliance and prioritize key areas that need improvement to demonstrate compliance to applicable data protection and privacy regulations. 


  1. Compliance with Regulations: Privacy gap assessments can help organizations comply with various privacy regulations, such as GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA.  
  2. Enhance Trust: Privacy gap assessments can enhance trust between an organization and its customers, clients, and stakeholders.  
  3. Better Data Management: Privacy gap assessments can help organizations better manage their data, including how it is collected, used, stored, and shared. By identifying areas where data management practices may be improved. 
  4. Improve Overall Security: Helps improve overall security practices. By identifying vulnerabilities in data handling processes, organizations can take steps to strengthen their security measures and better protect their systems and data from cyber threats. 
What is a Regulatory Assessment?

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Tsaaro’s Approach:

Our goals with your privacy gap assessment are to:  

  • Review all data protection obligations and controls  
  • Identify gaps and provide clarity on how best to remediate them  
  • Remediate gaps with our suite of privacy services 
  • Provide necessary support to become compliant

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