BigID enables organizations to proactively discover, manage, protect, and get more value from their data in a single platform for data visibility and control. It helps reduce data risk, automate security and privacy controls, achieve compliance, and understand data across entire data landscape.

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CCPA (California)

LGPD (Brazil) 

PDPA (Singapore) 

DPDP Act (India) 

LGPD (Brazil) 

PDPA  (Singapore) 

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Services offered by Bigid

BigID’s unique Machine Learning and identity intelligence-based smart correlation and classification provide organizations the ability to look across structured, unstructured, Big Data, cloud and apps.

Data Discovery

Big ID's patented technology offers unmatched data discovery for personally identifiable and sensitive data, enabling organizations to identify and classify data across multiple data stores and platforms. With Big ID, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your data landscape and manage data risks more effectively.

Data Life Cycle Management

Big ID helps organizations accurately find, classify, catalog, and tag their data, enabling them to enforce governance and control throughout the data lifecycle. From data retention to deletion, Big ID makes it easy to manage data effectively and ensure compliance with privacy regulations and standards.

Data Mapping

With Big ID's automated data mapping capabilities, organizations can generate accurate data maps that scale to their business needs. These maps provide a detailed view of data flows and dependencies, making it easier to manage data risks and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

Records of Processing Activities

Big ID's platform enables seamless collaboration between teams to document all data processing activities, reducing the overall risk for continuous compliance. With Big ID, you can easily manage records of processing activities, perform impact

Data Labelling

Big ID's automated data labelling capabilities enable organizations to apply labels to sensitive, critical, and personal data for greater accuracy and consistency. With Big ID, you can ensure that your data is properly classified and managed throughout its lifecycle, reducing the risk of data breaches and non-compliance.

Data Rights Automation

With Big ID, you can automate end-to-end data rights requests and reporting, managing data subject access requests (DSARs) at scale with ease and accuracy. Big ID's platform helps organizations streamline the DSAR process, reducing the time and effort required to respond to requests while ensuring compliance with privacy regulations.

Know and Control
your Data

Reduce data risk 

Achieve Compliance with NIST, GDPR, LGPD and CCPA 

Drive Data Governance

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