Your Organization’s Guide to celebrating Data Privacy Day!  

Your Organization’s Guide to celebrating Data Privacy Day!  

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Your Organization’s Guide to celebrating Data Privacy Day!  

People all over the world mark Data Privacy Day on January 28th of each year. The week of January 24-28, 2022, has been selected to host “Data Privacy Week,” as the event is now more well-known. On April 26, 2006, the Council of Europe launched the annual event to increase people’s awareness of privacy and data protection issues. Convention 108 was the first international data protection pact that was legally enforceable. It was signed in 1981, and the anniversary of its signing is celebrated every year on January 28. 

Since it was first celebrated in 2007, Data Privacy Day has been the catalyst for significant shifts in the regulatory landscape governing privacy on a global scale. Regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union impose stringent obligations on corporations while also providing customers with additional legal protections and rights. Data Privacy Day is an opportunity for organizations and individuals alike to educate the public on the necessity of protecting personal information and to encourage best practices in this field. This opportunity is offered annually on January 28th. 

What Activities can WE AND YOU as an organization focus on towards celebrating Data Privacy Day? 

There is no one right way to commemorate Data Privacy Day; but, on this day, everyone should take a moment to pause and think about how important it is to protect our personal information. To better understand what it means to “accept cookies,” for example, you could set aside five minutes of your day to research the topic. You might want to seek the meaning of “legitimate interest” or “privacy explainer films” on YouTube. Both of those things can be found in the search bar. 

You’re in luck: at Tsaaro we’ve put together a how-to guide for marking Data Privacy Day, complete with information about the day, an email template to tell your stakeholders, and tips for how you may take care of your personal privacy.  

On the occasion of Data Privacy Day, companies may choose to educate their employees on the safety procedures that are in place to secure their personal data. The time would also be perfect for a workshop that outlines strategies for maintaining the confidentiality of one’s personal information. At Tsaaro, we aim at reshaping privacy for all our clients and audience.  

  • Educate yourself 

One should make it a priority to obtain as much education as one can. Reading up on the most recent news and developments in the field of privacy might provide you with the artillery you need to keep the conversation going if that is your goal. Because of this, it is more essential than ever before to have our icebreakers from around the water cooler dusted off, cleaned, and ready to be used. 

  • Protecting your own privacy  

At Tsaaro, we like to talk a lot about the ways in which we assist organizations in gaining trust by putting into practice privacy best practices and ensuring the highest degree of protection possible for sensitive data. Nonetheless, there are a few fundamental actions that you can do to protect the privacy of your own personal information when you are surfing the web. Several examples include the following: 

Most of us have all been guilty of inadvertently clicking the “accept cookies” button without fully understanding what it does. But have you ever thought it strange that you still see adverts for that firm months after they have ended their campaign? If you erase the cookies that are stored in your browser on a regular basis, you can stop advertisers from storing tracking information on your device. Cookies are useful, but they also pose a security risk since cybercriminals may easily use them to steal information from a user’s computer. 

Be informed of the legal rights afforded to you in relation to the collection and utilization of your personal data by organizations. According to a number of regulations, you have the legal right to obtain a copy of your own personal information that is maintained by a firm. They may, in many situations, comply with your request that they delete this information from their system. Because these rights frequently vary depending on where on the globe you are located, it is essential that you be aware of which of these rights pertain to you and how you can make use of them.  

You need to take responsibility for your passwords; using ‘12345’ is not nearly safe enough. Make sure your password is difficult to guess by using a combination of uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, and symbols. If you do this, you will considerably reduce the risk of being attacked by somebody trying to guess your password. A trustworthy password manager is accessible to you if you feel it would be too much of a pain to attempt to remember all of those intricate passwords. 

  • Organize a privacy quiz  

Set up a quiz/test on matters pertaining to personal confidentiality – If you and your friends or coworkers want to learn more about privacy, but you also want to have fun doing it, we have some options for you. Set up a test on matters pertaining to personal confidentiality. A quick test, particularly one that includes an incentive like a prize, is a good bet in the majority of situations. You might simply merely communicate some data relating to privacy to your buddies through instant messaging or email. 

  •  Look out for online events.  

Hosting or participating in an online event is a fantastic opportunity to show your clients and other stakeholders that you take the protection of their personal information seriously. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. 

Tsaaro’s First Flagship of DATA PRIVACY WEEK EVENT.  

Data Privacy Week event will be held to recognize and celebrate World Data Privacy Day, 2023. Hosting a number of activities like Webinars, Round Table Conferences, and Privacy Awards before a crowd of current and emerging industry leaders to support the goal behind the celebration of Data Privacy Week. With a focus on streamlined enforcement in the digital markets, this event is intended to welcome conversations and ideas that emphasize the future of data privacy and protection. The aim of the Event is to create a meaningful impact on the Indian Privacy Landscape. To strengthen dialogue, and give people and corporations the motivation to take action. The round table conferences will advance this goal by fostering dialogue among various business leaders and elevating fresher viewpoints.  

A little sneak peek about the roundtable conference that will be effectively covered by Tsaaro are: 

  1. Choosing the Right Privacy Solution for your Organization– 23 Jan 
  2. Ensuring Privacy in Product Development– 24 Jan 
  3. Personal Data Lifecycle Management– 25 Jan 
  1. The Cost of Compliance for DPDP Bill & How to Navigate it– 27 Jan  
  2. Impact of the DPDP Bill on the Telecom Industry – 28 Jan 
  3. Leading Women In Privacy– 30 Jan 
  4. D2c Businesses & Privacy– 31 Jan  

This Privacy Week make sure you and your organization get the fullest of opportunity. Make sure to visit our website for more or can directly register yourself by clicking here 

And that’s not all. Prepare yourself and level up privacy game before our week events.  

  1. Come learn more about the Organization’s Guide to comply with Data Breach Notification. Tsaaro invites you to a special presentation on privacy breach notification. Learn the inner workings of different data management and cyber security rules. To learn about the newest privacy breach notice trends, register before January 11th. 
  2. Find out how to respond to a request from a data subject! This workshop is for you if you’re interested in learning more about the realm of privacy and data security and want to delve deep into it. Tsaaro has scheduled a private session where our professionals will assist you in comprehending the guidelines for carrying out a DSR. Get ready for an educational ride with the greatest privacy leaders in the industry on January 20 from 10 am to 11 am IST.  

We are not resting there! With an intent to make privacy and Tsaaro leave a meaningful impact behind, we will be recognizing and encouraging every Privacy Enthusiast with PRIVACY AWARDS. We will honor individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of data privacy through their dedication, hard work, commitment, and excellent leadership. These nominations will be evaluated by a panel of highly respected privacy experts from a range of industries and sectors. Attendees will receive an exclusive Tsaaro DPDPB Toolkit that helps them accelerate compliance as per the Indian Law 

Tsaaro Academy strives to offer the best instruction and training possible in the field of data privacy. As an IAPP Official Training Partner, we not only want to offer CIPP, CIPT, and CIPM certifications and training but also to assist students in getting real-world experience by working with them on real-world projects through our consulting business at Tsaaro. We close the talent gap in the worldwide market by facilitating entry into the data privacy industry for privacy lovers through courses like Data Privacy Fundamentals and Data Protection Officer Certification.  

The guidelines for better Privacy management and administration are straightforward once you understand them. Once they become ingrained in your behavior, they will aid in defending you from frequent scam tactics. Get in touch with us at If you want to run an audit of your consent practices, check out our Regulatory Compliance Service, and Schedule a call with our experts by clicking here. Take the first step towards a secure your organization’s data by scheduling a call with our privacy expert team at Tsaaro Solutions today.


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