The Data Privacy Podcast

Akarsh Singh

CEO Tsaaro

Hosted by Akarsh Singh

S3E3 | Biometric Surveillance has Privacy Concerns | Akarsh Singh & Ameen Jauhar

Hold on to your seats, because this episode of PrivacyCast is about to take you on an exciting journey into the world of technology and law! And we have a special guest speaker who will be joining us today, the brilliant Ameen Jauhar, Senior Resident Fellow at Vidhi and head of the Centre for Applied Law and Technology Research (ALTR). Ameen is a leading expert in the field of technology and the justice system, and has worked on some groundbreaking initiatives, including the JALDI mission's engagement with the Supreme Court of India's AI and E-Courts' committees. And he'll be sharing his insights and expertise with our host, the always insightful Akarsh Singh. Together, they'll be exploring the intersection of technology and the law, and how it's impacting our privacy rights. From AI-powered surveillance tools to the use of biometric data in the justice system, they'll cover it all. And they'll provide valuable insights into what we as individuals can do to protect our privacy rights in this rapidly evolving landscape. So if you're interested in the future of technology and the law, and the implications it has for our privacy, then you won't want to miss this episode of PrivacyCast. Tune in now and join us on this exciting journey of discovery!