Privacy must be incorporated into data systems and technologies by default. Privacy should become integral to organizational priorities, project objectives,
design processes and planning operations. Tsaaro using its expertise will inculcate Privacy deep into every standard, protocol and process that process personal data of data subjects


Concerns about unethical data gathering and use have arisen as a result of the growing urge to monetize information and gain ever-new benefits from it. As a result, there is a pressing need to stop the misuse of personal information in this environment of massive data gathering and retention.
Companies therefore are trying to find a way to balance user privacy and corporate interests, even while they do not have to completely stop data collecting or creation

“Companies can find the correct balance by using the privacy by design (PbD) approach throughout the application or software development phase. If you are looking for such a practical solution based approach
Look No Further”

Our Approach

Tsaaro’s approach to implementing the seven principles of Privacy by Design is solution based. We look at individual phases of a software/product’s SDLC and accordingly devise an applicable framework following best practices such as Data Minimisation etc. to ensure that once the product is deployed, no additional support is required to showcase compliance.

The approach will be targeted to comply with the regulations which are applicable while ensuring that the development of the software/product is cost-effective.

Target Application

Does your application collect, store or use personal data?

Does your application collect, store or use sensitive personal data? (Like racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health data, genetic data, biometric data, sex life or sexual orientation, and past or present criminal convictions)

When can the companies avail this service

When the application is in design phase

When the application is in development stage

Already deployed applications


GDPR and SDLC re-enforce each other

Improve SDLC by including GDPR activities

SDLC “deliverables” will have automatic GDPR compliance

Regulatory and legal compliance

Reputational and financial security

A privacy-forward, risk-aware operational culture

Proactive posture to legislative and cyber curves

Systematic, principled internal standards

Cost-effective privacy risk management