Secure Code Review

Uncover hidden vulnerabilities

What is secure code review?

Usually, the development teams are not formally trained in writing secure code and may end up writing code that meets the business requirement in terms of functionality but has flaws that can lead to security vulnerabilities being introduced into business applications. Hence, Most of the vulnerabilities in applications are due to security loopholes arising out of insecure coding practices. A Source Code security review is the best and an effective mechanism to code-level security flaws in business applications.

Our Approach

Our Approach

A typical Source Code security review activity utilizes a combination of automated code security scanning followed by a detailed manual review to detect security flaws in code. Methodology utilized by us is as follows:


The Advantages Include:

Encounter problems at the release stage and don’t worry about unknown risks caused by code vulnerabilities.

A detailed comprehensive security report for your application at the code level.

Some of the risks addressed in source code include injection attacks, file upload attacks, remote code executions, etc. which are the most critical and can harm the application.

Assured high-quality reports by experienced code reviewers who provide a customized experience to each customer.

Why Us?

Tsaaro provides you with a holistic assessment of your product and the best possible solutions to mitigate, minimize and monitor the risks in your products with highly trained and experienced code reviewers who provide a customized experience to each customer, providing them with comprehensive reports that help our customers to have an in-depth understanding of code flaws and their corresponding business impact.