Our services help organisations in evaluating the current security framework in terms of people, processes, and technology while also designing tactical and strategic directions in order to raise the system’s maturity level to reinforce its security posture. This service is helpful for both small and big organizations to check the cyber security maturity level while also determining the required security measures. Tsaaro also offers Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) which is an ongoing procedure helpful in studying various new and ongoing vendor relationships. Such services are useful for organizations who have dealings with third-party vendors, as it ensures security from cyber-attacks and third-party vulnerabilities.

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Cyber Security Maturity Assessment

What is Cyber Security Maturity Assessment?

An evaluation of a company’s information security management system’s maturity and capacity to safeguard the operation against relevant cyber hazards is known as a “cybersecurity maturity assessment.” This assessment will help organizations not only evaluate the current security framework in terms of people, processes, and technology, but also design tactical and strategic directions to raise the system’s maturity level and reinforce its security posture.

What is DPO as a service?

Article 37 of GDPR mandates the appointment of a DPO in certain circumstances, such as when there is a large-scale processing of sensitive data by the company. A DPO guides an organization to comply with applicable data protection laws and is responsible for conducting various assessments. Since this position demands an experienced professional with a broad variety of competence, not all organisations may have the resources to hire a full-time DPO. In such cases, DPO as a Service would be an cost-effective alternative.


Helps to ensure that your organization complies with GDPR, reduce privacy risks, demonstrate due diligence, and avoid penalties and fines.

Your organization will get direct and fast access to expert advice and comprehensive data protection law guidance.

Cost-effective alternative for organisations which do not have the resources to hire a full-time DPO.

Why Choose our Services

To assess and resolve any cybersecurity capability gaps inside the firm.

To evaluate the security measures on organization Infrastructure in light of the current and potential threat landscapes.

A plan in place for raising the organization's cybersecurity maturity level.

To comprehend and be informed of the cybersecurity maturity levels inside your organization.

When is the right time to take the Services

A Cyber Security Maturity Assessment assists organizations to take the precise steps necessary to identify and fix any vulnerabilities or implement new protocols. It is advised to take the assessment when the organization is making change in their cyber security program or adding any new security protocol, or if the organization has never done or it’s been a long since the last assessment been done.a

Third-Party Risk Assessment

What is Third-Party Risk Assessment?

The process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating all of the many risks that could surface during the course of an organization partnerships with third parties is known as third-party risk management (TPRM). Third parties can include vendors, service providers, software providers and other suppliers. This aids in the study of new and ongoing vendor relationships and is also referred to as vendor risk management. Third- party risk assessments are an important part of a TPRM program. This procedure is ongoing so that you may track changes in your relationship- related risk exposure over time.

Why Choose our Services

  • To continuously monitor and manage an organization third-
    party risk and performance.  
  • To make sure that there is no illegal use of information done
    by the third parties and there are adequate measures to
    safeguard the information. 
  • To avoid economic as well as reputational losses which could
    arise due to any third-party vulnerabilities.

When is the right time to take the Services

Third-party risk assessment is a continuous process. It should be a crucial component of for organizations during vendor onboarding procedures and for continuous business monitoring. Supplier risk must be continuously monitored because suppliers and business partners frequently alter their operations.

Why Choose our Services

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Subject-matter Experts

Our team of privacy and security specialists with advanced technical and legal expertise will work on your project.

Cost-effective Solutions

Our approach & solutions are cost effective, keeping in mind the effort estimate.

Risk-based Approach

We work to design and implement regulatory and operational risk controls with full awareness of how to best balance our clients’ strategic business priorities.

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Why Choose Tsaaro for this service?

This service should be opted for whenever the company is required to appoint a DPO under any applicable regulation.
If the volume of activities required to ensure compliance with data protection and privacy regulations becomes excessive for internal teams to handle on their own, the company can opt for this service.

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