Privado is a comprehensive privacy and security solution that provides organizations with advanced capabilities to ensure the protection of their data and stay compliant with regulations. 

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CCPA (California)


CCPA (California)


Services offered by Privado

With its wide range of services, Privado enables privacy and security teams to gain unparalleled visibility into the movement of data across all systems and applications, empowering them to proactively identify and address potential privacy vulnerabilities.


Privacy Checks

Privado's Privacy Code Scan automatically detects any new code repositories that contain personal data, and generates an alert for privacy teams. This provides the teams with complete visibility on data usage, helps stop out-of scope immediate action to ensure compliance with applicable regulations

Monitoring Product Change

When Privado detects a high-risk privacy issue, it immediately creates an alert for both the Privacy and Science teams. With complete visibility on all product changes, Privado helps organizations make PIA’s and DPIA’s as guard rails for product development ensuring that privacy is built into every aspect of their operations.


Data Mapping

Privado scans product code to identify processing activities involving personal data, data assets, and third-party services. The dynamic data map provided by Privado ensures accurate and up-to-date data flow mapping across all systems and applications, enabling organizations to stay compliant and promote ethical use of data


Data Flow Tracking

Privado tracks data flows to third parties which helps ensure that no out-of-scope product changes go live and avoid privacy incidents.

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Dynamic data map 


Continuous GDPR compliance and Privacy by Design 

Visibility on data usage


Auto-pilot privacy

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