Exterro’s unified e-discovery, privacy compliance, and digital forensics software helps your organization gain control over organizational data and minimizes the risks posed by litigation, privacy regulations, and cyber security threats.

Global Regulatory Compliance


Draft DPDP Bill (India) 



CCPA (California)


CPRA (California)


Services offered by Exterro

Exterro is your complete solution for managing data across litigation, compliance and privacy obligations.

Data Subject Access Request

Exterro provides you with assistance to ensure prompt and adaptable responses to DSARs. The platform can automatically prioritise requests based on their urgency and impact, so you can focus on the most critical ones first.

Data Retention

Exterro offers its expertise to help you create and implement a comprehensive data retention policy that adheres to relevant regulations and industry standards. Additionally, Exterro can automate policy execution, lowering the risk of non-compliance.

Vendor Risk Profiling

Exterro provides you with access to a comprehensive database of vendor risk profiles covering various industries and regions. Additionally, it delivers customised risk assessments tailored to your specific requirements and risk tolerance.

Incident Management

Use Exterro's advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to identify potential incidents and breaches early on. The platform can also help you manage the entire incident response process, from initial investigation to resolution.

Vendor Risk Profiling

Exterro enables you to obtain a comprehensive overview of all your data sources, which includes cloud applications, databases, and file shares additionally, classify and tag data according to its sensitivity and usage, making it easier to manage and protect.

Incident Management

Consent: Leverage Exterro's consent management solution to obtain and manage consumer consent for all your organisational websites, devices, and application. Also, monitor and track consent across different channels and jurisdictions, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

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Enhance your security posture

Gain visibility via comprehensive data inventory

Increase efficiency through automation

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