AWS Penetration Testing

Secure your AWS cloud infrastructure

AWS Penetration Testing?

With the rapid increase in cloud infrastructure, companies are moving to cloud services providers for their scalability, reliability, and economical flexibility. AWS is the first choice for many. However, cloud services introduce additional complexity to the services that organizations provide. With increasing data breaches and technological attacks, it’s important to ensure security especially when cloud structure is still a mystery and needs in-depth investigation from a security point of view. Hence, there are numerous chances of misconfiguration in your cloud infrastructure, which could sometimes lead to critical vulnerabilities.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Methodology to test for a range of AWS-specific misconfigurations includes but not limited to the following:


The Advantages Include:

Assess and improve your cloud security posture.

Establish a Strong Cloud Security Foundation

Protect Data and Privacy

Prevent information stealing.

Prevent reputational loss.

Prevent monetary loss.

Secure cloud application from hackers.

Why Us?

We hold industry-recognized credentials to assist clients with employing best practices and delivering more thorough and reliable implementations. Our engineers have many years of experience with on-premise solutions, cloud-based solutions and hybrid environments.