External Network PT

Is your infrastructure secure? Lets find out.

What is external network penetration testing?

If your defense is strong enough for Application layer attacks that do not assure the security of your network layer. We locate the most common vulnerabilities, attack paths, and exploit chains that an external threat actor would leverage to gain access to your internal network. An external network pentest helps organizations to get an assurance on how resilient their IT infrastructure is against today’s advanced attacks launched by attackers. Such tests reveal a hacker’s view of the network and help organizations to understand their security preparedness against evolving threats.

Our Approach

Our Approach

We take time to understand how an external attacker would go about hacking your infrastructure with the minimal knowledge we know about your network. Performing the same tactics an attacker would perform in order to gain access to your internal network. Thus minimizing the threat to an external attack. Our approach includes the following steps:


Gap analysis

Understand how an attacker could gain access to your internal networks and applications

See how your existing security controls perform against real-world attacks.

Understand your external security posture and see what you have exposed to the world.

Protect customer loyalty and company image.

Why Us?

At Tsaaro we have highly trained and experienced consultants who provide a customized experience to each customer. We make comprehensive reports that help our customers to have an in-depth understanding of application flaws and their corresponding business impact.