Information Risk Management

Your one stop solution to effective mitigation of threats and reducing information technology vulnerabilities.

What is Information Risk Management ?

Reducing your organisation’s infotech vulnerabilities and protecting it against cyberattacks.

IT Risk Management entails within itself a company’s policies, procedures, and technologies for mitigating threats from hostile actors and reducing information technology vulnerabilities that jeopardise data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Organisations can better prepare for cyberattacks and reduce the impact of an unforeseen cyber incident if potential vulnerabilities in their organisation’s IT network are identified and analysed. An IT risk management program’s procedures and rules can assist and influence future decisions on controlling risk while focusing on the organisation’s goals.

Our Approach

Our Approach

Covers every aspect, from Risk Identification to its Reporting.

The approach entails necessary steps of Information Security Risk Management which include everything; From Risk identification to its final reporting.

Amongst the four strategies that usually apply, namely that of Risk avoidance, acceptance, sharing and retention, we cherry-pick the one most suited to the needs and nature of your business. We believe in minimising the negative impacts and risks while maximizing infotech security.


Thorough evaluation and management of your, supplier’s and service provider’s networks.

Mitigates risks and vulnerabilities to help stay ahead of the game and defeat threat actors.

Building trust in clients and increment in the organisation’s reputation for sales purposes.

Easy and fast procurement of information.

Significantly lowers cybersecurity risks, and helps in their mitigation and prevention.

Provides complete transparency for better business decision making.

Provides an edge over other organisations and keeps the business running in the face of cybersecurity emergencies.

Why Us?

Helping you comprehend and re-prioritise your IT risks

Tsaaro gives you constant feedback on the success of your IT risk management programme. We rely on freely accessible data from around the internet and then correlate it to provide insight into ten factors essential to IT Risk Management such as IP reputation, DNS health, web application security, network security, leaked credentials, hacker chatter, endpoint security, and patching cadence.

We categorise existing and potential risks on an easily understandable scale to understand the amount of harm better that the risk can unleash on your IT landscape, thus helping you re-prioritize your attention towards the risks posed.