The Data Privacy Podcast

Akarsh Singh

CEO Tsaaro

Hosted by Akarsh Singh

‘Data Breach, Can we wait for it to happen?’ with Sajai Singh and KK Mookhey

A massive data breach!

Isn't that something we find in the news almost every day now? You could be next! So Can we wait for it to happen?

Tune in to our latest episode where our speakers Sajai Singh and KK Mookhey with our very own Host - Akarsh Singh discuss personal data breaches, breaches in the future, the solution, and best practices to be safe from data breaches.

Sajai is a Partner & Co-Chair of the Corporate Commercial Practice at JSA (India’s leading law firm), he is also the first Asian to be the Chair of the International Bar Association's - Technology Law Committee & Vice President of ITechLaw. He has been awarded as the Technology Lawyer of the Year in India by LegalEra.

KK Mookhey is the founder of Network Intelligence and Is an expert in Cybersecurity. He has grown Network intelligence from a one-man operation to a 600 employee company in 2020 with offices in New York, Dubai, and Mumbai. He has also co-authored two books - Linux Security And Controls by ISACA, and Metasploit Framework, by Syngress Publishing.