The Data Privacy Podcast

Akarsh Singh

CEO Tsaaro

Hosted by Akarsh Singh

‘Insider Risk – The Invisible Threat’ with Erik Schneider and Himanshu Gautam

A risk or a threat to a business can originate from various sources but did you know that it could originate from the targeted organization itself? That's what Insider Risk is about! In our series of podcasts on Data Privacy Solutions.

Tune in to our latest episode where our speakers Erik Schneider and Himanshu Gautam with our very own Host - Akarsh Singh discuss insider risks, steps to reduce such risks, and how to go about building a career in this area.

Erik Schneider is a Director at Signpost Six responsible for strategy, sales, marketing, internal processes, and engagement delivery. Prior to that, Eric has also worked as a Senior Manager at KPMG. On the other hand, Himanshu Gautam is the Chief Technology Officer at 2Solar. Himanshu possesses 15+ years of experience in the Automotive (mobility) and Finance (banking) industry.