The Data Privacy Podcast

Akarsh Singh

CEO Tsaaro

Hosted by Akarsh Singh

S3E6 | Navigating through Today’s privacy governance

"Navigating through today's Privacy Governance," our expert host, Akarsh Singh, engages in an enlightening discussion with Gilberto Costa, the Director of Product Management (Data Privacy) at Exterro. Together, they tackle the pressing challenges and effective strategies involved in safeguarding personal information within our digital landscape. Prepare to unravel the complex web of Privacy Regulations, including the renowned GDPR and other regional laws, as they shed light on the paramount importance of compliance. But compliance alone won't suffice. Our expert guests will guide you through their discussion on the proactive measures that organizations must adopt to successfully navigate privacy governance. From implementing robust data protection practices to conducting regular privacy assessments, they provide practical insights on building a resilient privacy framework.