The Data Privacy Podcast

Akarsh Singh

CEO Tsaaro

Hosted by Akarsh Singh

S3E7 | DPDPB the Vanguard of Indian Privacy Security Start Ups | Akarsh Singh & Vinayak Godse

In this episode of PrivacyCast, we're honoured to have Mr. Vinayak Godse, the renowned CEO of DSCI, join us to delve into the fundamental aspects of data protection and cyber security Mr. Vinayak demystified key concepts with his cybersecurity and data protection expertise, he's been leading DSCI's mission to make cyberspace safe, secure, and trusted through innovative initiatives and programs. Together, the speakers explore crucial topics relevant to the Indian startup ecosystem - going global. The discussion includes: Implement secure coding practices, threat modelling, and vulnerability scanning for secure software development. Discover essential security controls against advanced persistent threats (APTs) and achieve GDPR or CCPA compliance. Leverage machine learning and AI for enhanced cybersecurity, automating threat detection and response. Uncover secrets to secure IoT devices, networks, incident response, business continuity planning, and cloud infrastructure. Address challenges in global expansion, including cross-border data transfers and cultural differences for startups. Mr. Vinayak Godse will guide us through developing a privacy-centric culture within startups, including training and awareness programs, privacy policies, and ongoing compliance monitoring across different jurisdictions. Stay informed and empowered in today's digital landscape. Don't miss a single episode of PrivacyCast Season 3. Remember to like, comment, share, and subscribe to our Privacy Cast channel for more thought-provoking discussions. Let's embrace privacy's power in our ever-evolving digital landscape.