Want to get a Privacy Policy for your website or application?

Use Tsaaro’s Privacy Policy Generator to create a privacy policy that complies with the GDPR, CCPA and various privacy legislations.

Why do I need a Privacy Policy

Regulatory Requirement

If you collect any personal data directly or indirectly, you shall be legally obligated to have a privacy policy as required under various regulations e.g., GDPR


You must ensure that you inform individuals about your processing practices in a way that is easily accessible and easy to understand

Third party requirement

Third-party service providers also require you to have a privacy policy in order to serve your website such as Google analytics, Twitter ad

How does Tsaaro’s Privacy Policy generator help you

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Customized privacy policy

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User friendly

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Compliance with privacy regulations across the globe

Do you collect personal information from your users? (Helps you stay transparent with your customers)
Please select the personal information you intend to collect directly from the user
Do you use any digital analytics software for tracking purposes? (Helps you stay transparent with your customers)
Is your website/app offered to users under the age of 13? (Ensures you stay accountable)
Enter your Address (When they can send their grievance to you by post)
Enter your Address (When they can send their grievance to you by post)
Do you want your privacy policy to be GDPR compliant? * (Save yourself from hefty GDPR fines)
Do you send marketing communication to users?
Is there a procedure for users to unsubscribe or opt-out?
Do you share personal information of users with third parties e.g. advertising companies?
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