Privacy Risk Management

Avoid the loss of confidentiality, integrity, availability (CIA) of personal data through Privacy Risk Management.

What is Privacy Risk Management ?

A one stop exercise for the protection of sensitive personal data and privacy

The process concerns itself with discovering the nature, scope, purpose, and conditions of data processing, and keeping records of this activity. Additionally identifying, the risks associated with the data in question and the ways to mitigate the same. Privacy risk management primarily concerns Sensitive Personal Data.Almost every business however small has a website of their own. It is often overlooked for the amount of consumer personal information it can hold, and the plethora of threats it is exposed to on a frequent basis, not to forget the data leakage that can happen through it, which only gets notified at a very later stage. Labelling the stakeholders, defining roles and responsibilities, and identification of records require professional attention as well. To keep these in check, one must perform a privacy risk assessment, and subsequent management of the risks so assessed.

Our Approach

Our Approach

An au courant approach to cater to your organisation’s privacy requirements

With the advancements taking place in privacy jurisprudence, and the increasing demand and likelihood of a universally applicable privacy legislation, it becomes crucial for businesses to cater to the privacy needs of the sensitive data they possess, the very lifeblood of their organization. We understand the importance of your data and the value it contains. Our experts are seasoned in identifying the risks that each organisational data attracts, considering all of them have different privacy requirements, and the steps involved in Privacy Risk Management. We adopt a risk based , structured and pragmatic approach to information management and privacy protection. We forsee the Context Establishment, Risk Identification, Analysis, Evaluation, Treatment and help with its communication and consultation whilst monitoring and reviewing it.


One-time investment, life long returns

As the risks advance and develop at a rapid pace, the monitoring of risks becomes crucial in identifying the changes as to their consequences, shortfalls, and their ability to pose a threat, thus aiding in the continuous guarding of personal data.

Why Us?

Comprehensive and comprehensible solutions personalised to suit your needs.

At Tsaaro, our very focus is to articulate the evaluation and impact of the potential and existing risks in a manner that is easy for you to comprehend. We personalise the Privacy Risk Management Process to suit the needs of the client by viewing the risks so ascertained through his point of view. We are adept in our services and ensure continuous guarding of your personal data by keeping abreast of the technological advancements and the risks to privacy that come with it.