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Cybersecurity Trends to follow in 2021

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With a massive growth in cyber attacks all over the globe, the number of people who take cyber security seriously has also witnessed a considerable spike. To stay safe from various sorts of cyber attacks like malware, phishing, social engineering, and zero day attacks, users are relying on saviors like anti viruses, anti spywares, and high security multi layered infrastructure.

Trends in cybersecurity are changing at a high velocity due to the discovery of a new sort of attack or the modified version of the basic level attacks. Along with that, the number of professionals in the field and new techniques to tackle these attacks are also increasing. Here we will know more about the upcoming cybersecurity trends that will dominate the cybersecurity domain in 2021.

Why Follow Cybersecurity Trends In 2021?

It is essential to understand why to follow cybersecurity trends at any point in time. No one in the world wants someone to steal their confidential data or get fooled by a scammer and get trapped in Ransomware of phishing attacks. It gives birth to the fact that one needs to follow cyber security trends in the current time to know exactly how to keep their data safe and how to stay away from cyber attacks.

Cybersecurity Trends to Follow in 2021

  1. Spike In Number Of Cybersecurity Professionals

Yes, you read it right, the number of cybersecurity professionals will see a new high in the year 2021. As we all know that cyber attacks are getting advanced day by day and you can’t even trust your coffee vending machine as a few researchers hacked it to ask for ransom recently that clearly shows how messed the scene is in terms of IoT and firmware and how careful we need to be.

These types of attacks can only be tackled by professionals who have an appropriate amount of knowledge in the mentioned field. Different aspects of ethical hacking like penetration testing and more will see new professionals jumping on the boat to save the world from most of the cyber attacks. Moreover, cybersecurity is one of the fastest evolving fields as of now with a lot of opportunities to grab, so it will be a good idea to have a hold on that start your journey as a cybersecurity researcher, ethical hacker, analyst, penetration tester, or any role that suits you as per your preference.

  • More Cyberattacks In 2021

On the basis of data collected by a research organization named 99 Firms, it was discovered that 71% of these attacks were to harm the entities financially. The attackers mostly demanded for cryptocurrency in exchange for some crucial and confidential information that they get by breaking into the company’s databases. In addition to that, the world has seen a lot of ransomware attacks that have caused an unimaginable financial loss to many organizations.

The situation in 2021 is going to be worse than in 2020 as the COVID-19 Pandemic has left a lot of people jobless. This phenomenon has created a major wealth gap in most of the segments of the society. Taking advantage of the situation, hackers are leaving no stone unturned to exploit these firms financially and this will surely go on and even increase in 2021.

These sorts of attacks can be avoided with a powerful multilayered cybersecurity infrastructure. Still, one needs to make sure that employees are aware of these facts and try their best to keep the data safe which will boost the level of overall security in your organization. The right information about data privacy and basic knowledge about various types of cyber attacks is going to help all the people, whether it is you or your employees, in the long run.

  • 5G And Cybersecurity Concerns

It is no wonder that 5G will produce new opportunities for attackers and it may even lead to new sorts of cyber attacks that will serve as a major disadvantage for this brand new network technology. Most of the companies in today’s world prefer storing all the information on cloud storage and they will definitely shift all their data towards 5G based management tactics.

No doubt 5G will offer users an unmatchable speed in terms of data transfer as the expectations in terms of speed are around 10GB/s but along with that, you should also make sure that hackers will use this opportunity to induce infected data packets in the victim’s system without ever being noticed due to the fast data transfer. Companies will be supposed to modify their security structure and as soon as they plan to shift to 5G data management technology so that all their data may remain safe from any sort of attacks or unauthorized access.

  • Threat From Insiders

The way most of the firms are adopting the remote working model is also a great concern. Now, the firms are supposed to make sure that they brief their employees to take care of their online security and don’t leave a loophole like a weak password, use of unsecured networks and carelessly using personal devices for professional work. Organizations should make sure that they are using the best available cybersecurity tools in the market as the remote working model is more prone to cyber threats.

This will also increase the usage of ZTNA or Zero-Trust network access to employees. This technology allows you to offer controlled access to the employees. This directly limits the scope of attack as the hacker cannot access the organization’s confidential data just by luring the employee to click on malicious links. In addition to all that, The model on which most of the organizations were working is changing and a new Secure Access Service Edge also known as SASE. The SASE technology allows the organizations to secure all their cloud based apps and remote staff by making the traffic come via a cloud based security stack that keeps everything in check. 

  • Use Of AI To Tackle Cyber Attacks:

Artificial Intelligence or AI is going to play a major role in curbing a large number of cyber attacks including malware, ransomware, spyware, and DDoS attacks by assessing the incoming risk from various unstructured and structured resources.

The implementation of Artificial Intelligence to manage threats will surely save time for the cybersecurity teams in particular organizations so that they can prepare themselves for the upcoming threats. As per an estimate, it has been clearly said that the USD 8.8 billion market of AI in cybersecurity will grow five times larger by 2026. The projection clearly shows how these firms are going to include AI as an important part of their cybersecurity multi layered structure to tackle attacks and restrict unauthorized access.


Following the cybersecurity trends will not only help you to keep you updated but it will also help you in strategizing your multi layered cybersecurity infrastructure according to the latest trends.

Also, keeping a watch on cybersecurity analysts and penetration testers is always going to help you in the long run as you will know first hand if there are any issues in the devices you use that can lead to a cyber attack and spoil the game for you.

Apart from that, as an organization, you can make sure that all employees are aware of the latest trends or any new sort of attack so there is no loophole that can be used as an easy target to get unauthorized access.

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